9 comments on “Canon 5D Mark III vs 7D

  1. There is nothing that can replace that 1.6x crop factor when you need the reach. That and the 7D will be using only the ‘sweet’ part of your 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II (although even on a FF the lens shows great edge-to-edge sharpness). I only rarely shoot sports, but if I did, I would definitely have a 7D (or pick up the rumored 7D mark II when it arrives).

  2. Thanks guys. Here are the simple numbers:
    7D Sensor: 19,000,000P/333.27mmsq = 57010.8 Pixels / mm squared
    5DIII Sensor: 23,400,000P/864mmsq = 27083.33 Pixels / mm squared

    So yes there are 30,000 (2.1x) more pixels/photocells for every square millimeter of 7D sensor than there are on the 5DIII sensor. This means that at all focal lengths, compared to the 5D sensor, the 7D sensor is able to register 2.1x more image data for any given part of it’s cropped frame. Now of course, as I said, provided you are using a lens that is sharp enough. 30,000 more pixels for every square mm is a staggering number.

  3. Yes, I fully realise the adventage of 7D over 5D3 in pixel counts.
    Most of my wildlife shots are done with 7D mated with my 100-400mm L lens, handheld mostly.
    The 5D3 is great though with my 24-70mm L lens.

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  5. After 3 years of 7D use I was quite disappointed when tried the 5D Mark iii in the field settings: (1) poor light sensitivity for autofocusing: in the settings where the 7D gets the focus immediately, the 5D3 hunts forever; (2) slow autofocus on moving subjects (eg sport or wildlife); (3) at least my specific exemplar of 5D3 always tended to under-expose, both in the ambient light and with a flash; (4) with a flash, the 5D3 did 50% of under- and other 50% of over-exposures. So much unpleasant experience!

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