12 comments on “Reader Comments – Canon 5D Mark III vs 7D

  1. Hi Bryan,
    I am a 7D owner. Love it to death and overall have been very happy with it over the past 16 months I have owned it. I am exploring the 6D vs. MIII primarily for its low light capabilities. iso over 1600 in the 7D is too noisy for my taste. Great post. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    • I must admit that the higher ISO capabilities of the 5D3 enables me to grab some solid low light shots in a pinch, especially handheld HDR brackets while running and gunning. This was especially helpful while exploring Paris at night. The 5D3 is designed to be the most “perfect and complete” SLR, the only problem being a 7D owner is that the 7D already comes pretty close to perfection in design. The 6D would be a more ideal companion to the 7D. The truth is I rarely shoot over ISO-1600 even with the 5D3 and almost always shoot ISO-800 or below. And most of my noise issues are fixed with Canon DPP, so I really do not factor high ISO noise in my assessments.

      You might want to take a look at the new Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom for APS-C. This lens could be a real winner and get 7D owners even more mileage out of their 7D in low light shooting. These types of innovative lens designs are why I plan on keeping an APS-C body like the 7D on hand.

      Thanks for writing.

  2. Great writeup Bryan. About three years ago I was debating between the 5D Mark II and the 7D. For my type of shooting (mostly landscapes) the higher amounts of noise in the 7D at low ISO is what pushed me towards the 5D Mark II. The full frame sensor just gives a cleaner output at any ISO. Hopefully with technological advancements, Canon will be able to clean up their images from crop sensors in the rumored 7D Mark II.

  3. Mark! I just thought about your comment the other day, after seeing Canon’s latest announcement of the EOS 70D. If it is any indication of things to come, I’d say the 7D Mark II should live up to the expectations set by it’s predecessor.

    Thanks for the feedback Buddy.

  4. Great review buddy..really helped me confirm what I already thought. Really looking forward to seeing what the 7D Mark II has to offer..

    • Thanks buddy. I’m happy to know my experiences provide better insight to some folks. Like the 7D, the 7D Mark II should definitely be a game changer. However I wouldn’t hold my breath, especially since Canon just released the 70D. It will be a while before they release their new flagship APS-C body. Either way, these are great times to be a photographer. 🙂

  5. After 3 years of 7D use I was quite disappointed when tried the 5D Mark iii in the field settings: (1) poor light sensitivity for autofocusing: in the settings where the 7D gets the focus immediately (at night with a flashlight), the 5D3 hunts forever; (2) slow autofocus on moving subjects (eg sport or wildlife); (3) at least my specific exemplar of 5D3 always tended to under-expose, both in the ambient light and with a flash; (4) with a flash, the 5D3 did 50% of under- and other 50% of over-exposures. So much unpleasant experience! Am looking for 7D Mark ii now, never 5D for my purposes.

  6. Ivan. Your observations are very interesting. I too have experienced the same phenomena with my 5D3. I had already long established the AF system on the 7D is far better, effective and far more useful than that of the 5D3. The only explanation I can think of is that it does not have a dedicated AF processor and has to share resources with metering, accessories, system runtime, etc and the 7D has fewer AF points to process. Honestly the 61 AF points on the 5D3 are completely unnecessary and I think. I would take 19 cross-type AF points that deliver reliably every time any day. I have a serious hunting AF problem myself in low light situations with fast lenses where the 7D has never had a problem. I also had a photo shoot early last week and experienced yet again the under exposure issue you talked about. I had to bump my exposure by 1/2 to a full stop just to make the photos usable. Fortunately the 5d3 sensor has a high enough dynamic range that in the end it did not affect image quality at first glance. I will add these issues to my list to write a post about. I really hope the 7D Mark II carries on the legacy with dual DIGIC5 processors, an even more sensitive 19-21 cross type AF system, improved noise performance, higher/longer burst mode. I would hate to see marketing gimmicks like a 61 point AF system, GPS, and WiFi in the 7D2. This will have to be another post by itself…lol

  7. Hi Bryan, great post. I own a 5D2 and have been using that for my wedding and portraiture but was considering getting the 7d or the 5d3 for action work. I have to admit I was biased towards the 5D3 based on everything I read so I rented the 7D to try it myself with a 200mm 2.8 prime and it was terribly sharp and accurate with the football game I shot. I do prefer the shallower and slightly more pleasing depth of field I get from full frame cameras though.

    Im wondering what your feelings are on the Nikon D800 and the D600 and their 36 and 24 megapixel offerings as well as the crop factor that those cameras offer in DX mode. I am a Canon shooter but have considered purchasing a Nikon D800 for those features.

  8. Hi Bryan,

    Hope you are well brother!…. Following on from my comment above and our brief yet insightful discussion on the merits of making the step up to the 5D3…I was hoping to pick your brains again if I may?

    In your response to my first comment you alluded to the fact that you didn’t think they would release a new flagship APS-C SLR any time soon the 7D2 is now here…

    My questions are:

    1) Have you managed to use one as yet?
    2) What are your thoughts?
    3) Is it a significant step up from the 7D?
    4) is it worth the upgrade?

    My wife has given me a variety of options for a 30th birthday present and I am stuck yet again so I thought I would drop in for some insight and wisdom 🙂


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