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  1. Hi Bryan,

    This is just a brief note to say thank you for replying to my question about the 5D III versus the 7d. Your advice was very insightful (as always) and I really appreciate it.

    If you come down to visit Australia, please let me know. I definitely owe you at least a couple of beers…


    • Hey Doug.

      You’re welcome buddy. Sorry for the delayed response. I think I was traveling in Europe when you wrote. I just might have to take you up on your offer. The Down Under is very high on my list of must visit destinations and my cameras are chomping at the bit to come down and let loose on the Outback.

      Email me your contact info so I have it handy.


  2. Bryan,

    Great shots of our little race. Thanks for posting. I particularly enjoyed the narrative. You really captured the essence of the wackiness and passion the teams share for the event. It was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully you make the return trip next March when it will be a bit warmer and Fiero Libre will DOMINATE!

    Good luck on the chopper, looking forward to seeing shots of that project.

    a.k.a Perro Insano
    Team Fiero Libre
    Viva Fiero! Viva Libre!

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