If you would like to license some of my works here are some guidelines to give you an idea of what I require. I have setup this page in response to the interest in and inquiries about permission to use my work in various creative endeavors.

Below is a short list to give you an idea of what goes into some of the footage I have produced. For example, I will use my compilation “Time Lapse – The Bay Bridge Lights“. This is what you are getting or the results of which I am giving you license to:

  • 2 trips, 10hrs transit time, 500 miles
  • At least 20hrs setup prep and shooting time
  • Unspecified parking tickets, food and lodging
  • Over $15,000 in gear and accessories invested
  • 20hrs post processing/production time
  • You get a full 1080p HD clip of any TL sequence(s) you decide to use
  • Unspecified time to process and deliver your clips.

Royalty Free License

I can provide a royalty free license to any of my work only to private, not-for-profit video, internal corporate videos, and online productions, documentaries, short independent films that are non promotional or commercial in nature. This license does not include TV or mass distribution channels such as CD, DVD, BlueRay, misc media etc. Royalty Free Licenses will run anywhere from $200 to $500 per Time Lapse sequence depending on the length and complexity of the sequence. Expect HDR sequences to be priced on the higher end of this range. For example, to license the above example “Time Lapse – The Bay Bridge Lights” would cost roughly $1000 (5 sequences x $200). Bulk license discounts are available.

Special License

If your needs do not fit the above “Royalty Free License” criteria then you most likely will need a Special License. We just need to get on the phone or email and discuss your project needs and how I can help. Based on your intended use and distribution we will arrive at a custom fee schedule that may not necessarily include royalties.

Free License

I don’t work for free. Do you? Nobody does. As an artist and like you I share my art with the world on my own terms. If you have a great project that you think could benefit from my work and more importantly save you a lot of production time, I am open to hearing about it but more importantly I am open to hearing about how YOU can help me in exchange for a licensing fee waiver – A credit or honorable mention will not suffice. Asking for a license in exchange for credit in a video production that “might” get big someday, is like me asking you to pay a licensing fee for something that “might” be the video you want when you finally open it. Get creative! 🙂

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