2 comments on “Canon 7D Mark II – First Impressions

  1. I have had my 7DII for just over a week now. I am coming from the original 7D so while many options and controls are familiar I am still learning all about the new ones. So far, Love it. 10fps – I feel like I am cheating.

    • Phil. It’s been over a month now that I’ve been using the 7D Mark II. Other than personal/family photography I think the most action I shot with it so far was the races at the Sonoma Raceway last weekend. Either way I’ve already encountered a few instances where I simply would not have got my shot with my 5D Mark III. Like you, I have felt at times like I was cheating. The AF and tracking is simply out of this world. The 10fps and dual processors just make minced meat of any scene. There is nothing beyond this camera. Nothing!

      It is in fact a 1Dx with an APS-C sensor and slightly superior AF system. The low light performance is spectacular especially for the ISO levels where it truly matters. It is truly a photographer’s camera. Due to winter weather challenges in Northern California, I have only been able to do mostly scouting trips. I should have some solid shots with the 7D Mark II soon however. It is everything I wished the already amazing 7D could be… and more.

      The 7D Mark II must be Canon’s sick twisted humor for those hell bent on paying a premium for a full frame sensor…LOL.

      Thanks for sharing.

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