2 comments on “Astrophotography: The journey begins.

  1. Hello I’m Andrew, I’m from Brazil and congratulations for the blog, I made a test Canon Extender 2x Eph Ii engaging in my telescope and the extender did not work. an error message, so you can not use the extender without a compatible lens canon! correct? forgive me my English is bad!

    • Hello André.

      Yes. I had this problem too! My work-around was to disengage the extender and rotate it half-way back off the body. By disconnecting the EF 2x extender contacts, the body no longer checks for a lens to be mounted. Also make sure to have your Camera Mode [dial] set to Manual so there is no potential check for a lens to be mounted. You should always shoot in manual mode when using a telescope anyway. 🙂

      If you disconnect your extender slightly like I do, make sure your camera body is fully supported or it will likely rotate and fall off. In my case I made a focus support rail to hold the camera in place so I don’t have this problem as long as I only rotate the extender half-way back off.

      Another way around this is to place a piece of tape over the contacts on the extender before mounting it to the camera body. This way everything is locked and mounted securely. I have not tried this, but it might cancel the error you are getting. I would try this first actually.

      Let me know what works out for you.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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