2 comments on “Photo Shoot with Holly

  1. This was very interesting to see. If I could ask a dumb question, though, why are you sitting so far away from her. If you’re shooting with a 70-200, did you need to sit that far away to get her entire body in the frame using the 70mm? At the end of the day, does it matter how far away you sit (i.e., when you’re shooting against a plain background, does it matter if you use 70mm or 150mm)? Thanks.

    Very glad to hear that you’re drinking Australian wines. Your Australian fan club thanks you.

  2. Doug. 70mm on the full frame 5D Mark III was still wide enough for me to frame the model without stepping out of the studio. However for the shots you’re seeing me take here, I wanted a more compressed field of view and even shallower depth of field. This combined to further isolate the model from the background. I could have accomplished this in post processing/editing but I’d rather get my shot right from the start. I was also taking composite shots (panoramics) of her, in which case I always shoot as long as possible which makes for seamless stitching. I was able to compose 150-200 Megapixel shots. These will be primarily for life-sized or larger than life canvas prints. 🙂 Another reason for using this lens was because other than my 17-55mm I can’t think of any other lens that puts out better image quality within that focal length.

    I’ve generally had good experiences with Aussie wines, especially the big ones. I always pour myself a glass to help get my creativity flowing…lol.

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