2018 Underwater Series

Damian reaching out

Hello there and welcome to another chapter of my Underwater photography series. About once a year, I put these photo shoots together to bring together some of the awesome creative passionate people in my world. It is an honor to have you take part. This year I’m doing something a little different. Rather than have the same conversation over and over again with each of you, I decided to put down all the important details on one nice little page for you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly at 916-675-2384.

Who’s on the team?
So far here are the individuals participating. Stuff does come up right up to the day of but here’s who I have spoken with so far.

  • Nick (model) – Nick is a professional associate of mine and Sgt. with the US Army reserve. We will be focusing on US Army themed shots. We have some great concepts I’m excited about.
  • Dinah (model) – Dinah is a globetrotting, Ducati Monster riding, passionate, creative girl originally from Turkey. She has a great sense of style and fashion.
  • Charis (model) – Charis is an awesome model, beautiful person, and cool spirit. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with her on several creative shoots.
  • April (model & production) – April has a background in video and media production. Her sense of humor and great energy is infectious. She will also be helping with production. So if I’m at the bottom of the pool and you need anything, feel free to hit her up…LOL.
  • (Makeup Artist) – I’m still ironing out details. There are a few folks interested so we may have more than one on hand. Stay tuned.

When are we shooting?
As most of you already know, it is this Saturday, July 28th, 2018. I will be on location by 3pm. I encourage you to show up as early as possible, between 3-4pm. This will give us enough time to walk through your various concepts and more importantly, get your makeup done. Which usually takes up to an hour just to get ready to shoot. Please let me know if you are not able to stay the whole time and what time frame you are available and I will try to coordinate the shoots.

Where are we shooting?
The photo shoot will be taking place at my long time good friend Jason’s place located in Carmichael at the following address:
5533 Kiva Dr., Carmichael, CA

What should I bring?
This is also a chance for you to be creative, so feel free to bring any outfits and looks that you think would make for great/interesting/captivating/inspired photography. If we have discussed some specific outfits, bring those too. Bring a towel. I will endeavor to provide some but it would be great if you brought yours as well. Bring some dry outfits you can wear after the shoot.

How late will the shoot go?
For best effect, we are shooting into and through the sunset hours. So it would be great if you plan on sticking around until late. These shoots typically go till about 10pm (sun sets around 8pm). There will be plenty to keep you relaxed and entertained like music, cool people and refreshments.

What about food and drink?
I will be providing food and refreshments. If you have any preferences, please let me know in comments below or contact me directly.

What are the terms of the shoot?
We will be collaborating under the framework of a standard TFP agreement. Some of you are already familiar with the term TFP – Time For Photos. This is basically an understanding the you are willfully participating in this shoot, in exchange for photos of yourself to use for personal or self promotion endeavors. It’s a short basic 1-2 page agreement. I will have extra copies on hand.

How long will I be in the water?
I try not to go more than 10-15minutes at a time, as it can be exhausting. This also allows the various models to rotate in-and out of the water while relaxing, grabbing a bite and a drink. It also gives you some time to think about your poses and refine your technique as I will briefly go over the shots with you after each session so you can adjust. I will also be actively directing you so you’re not alone or on your own.

Miscellaneous Tips
Try not to apply to much or any skin products. They will just wash off and contribute to the water getting cloudy. You don’t need sunblock. We won’t be lounging in the sun.