4 comments on “Chasing Sunsets in Vancouver – Olympic Village, False Creek

  1. Love the Vancouver sunset. Has got to be one of the nicest shots I’ve seen.

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    • Thanks Zamani. Means a lot coming from you. πŸ™‚ I just love it when everything about a shot works out perfectly and this was one of those shots. The time, the location, the weather, the lighting, the setup… everything worked out just right. It was my last sunset in Vancouver.

    • Hey thanks Buddy! It’s great to hear from you! I still have to take this shot through print validation and print a full sized test to make sure it’s just right. I will let you know once it’s ready for order. Thanks in advance for the support. πŸ™‚

      For anyone wondering, I ran into this cool cat while chasing the sunset from Lonsdale Quay in Vancouver. Great, traveled, international guy. Just another thing I love about this journey.

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